Why we stayed with ProPartners

While we aren’t allowed to share this patient’s name for legal reasons, we thank them for allowing us to share this personal journey.

I started at ProPartners when it was for men only and continued on as a patient when it went to the Direct Primary Care model of membership. I’ve never regretted my decision and my wife was thrilled to be able to have the same kind of care that I was so happy to receive.

As our family grew, we added our children to our membership and came to a whole new level of appreciation for these doctors and the care they gave us. If you’ve ever watched your children hurt or sick and not have an answer, the ability to call your doctor directly and get piece of mind immediately without having to rush to an emergency room or urgent care clinic is priceless.

When our first child “aged-out” of being in the family pricing and was going to college, we had to sit down and decide what to do about their membership. Would they use it if they weren’t living here and we weren’t “managing” their health directly? Should we continue to pay for this as they were becoming adults themselves?

After much debate, we decided to give it a trial run and see if it would be worth the additional price for someone at college in another state. And I’m so glad we did. Our daughter came home several times over that first year and ensured she made her annual appointments for preventative health. Additionally, she used the ability to call, email and text her doctor directly and when she was sick, she didn’t have to wait in line at the college’s free clinic to be seen and get medicine. Her overall feeling was that with all the changes of moving away, it was nice that she got to keep some consistency in her health. And to us, that was well worth the extra $30 a month.

Now all of our “kids” have gone off to college, and each one has stayed with ProPartners. Even better for me, they pay for it themselves because they have been raised to understand the value of good healthcare. And honestly, we’re all spoiled with the amazing service provided to us when we need it most. Can’t imagine ever leaving!