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Our patients have a lot to say about their experiences with ProPartners Healthcare.
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“The service and benefit received at ProPartners is really second to none. I understand sometimes that people might be hesitant for a ‘membership’ service with their doctor, but I truly feel it saves me money in the long run. When you also consider that Dr. Burns is just really really good at what he does, and that the ‘same day’ service is awesome, it is a no-brainer for me. No way I would consider changing it.”

“I’ve been a client of ProPartners for 10+ years and I’m in my early 30s now. My wife is also a client for the last several years. ProPartners provide incredible value and service for an appropriate price. The direct care model is a great fit for anyone that’s looking for a concierge level of healthcare service without the hassle of interacting with insurance companies. Would happily recommend these physicians and the direct care model to anyone! Can you text your doc 24/7? Because I can!”

“Can’t say enough good things about ProPartners. Over the last several years I have been able to contact my doctor directly. Each time the response has been within minutes, and extremely helpful. When an appointment is needed, I have been able to see the doctor on the same day, every time. No waiting in the lobby. Thanks ProPartners-I really feel that I have a partner in my Health!”

“I’ve been a patient at ProPartners for over 10 years. I couldn’t be more satisfied or confident with the care I’ve received from my doctor, his partners and staff. The direct care program they offer is tremendously convenient and I have without hesitation recommended this practice to all of my family and friends.”

“ProPartners offers the best primary care I have ever experienced. My doctor has always been available by phone or email when I have had a question. I cut my finger pretty bad over a weekend and Dr. Burns immediately offered to meet me at the office to address the wound. Making appointments is simple and I have always been offered a same day appointment. I usually do not take to time to endorse a product or service. Everyone at the office is fantastic, so I feel the need to share what a great job they are doing.”

“I’ve been a member of ProPartners Healthcare for over five years and have found it to be outstanding in care, kindness and costs. For me, this is a no-brainer. If you are wondering, stop it. ProPartners is brilliant and brings access to your doctor and their staff like you’ve always wanted.”

“I am grateful a friend referred me to ProPartners several years ago. There is never a hassle to get an appointment or even just talk to the doctor on the phone. Appointments run on time and you get plenty of time to talk to your doctor about anything you have going on. This is the way medicine should be.”

“I had the pleasure of being with ProPartners for years and figured that for less than I paid in co-pays and deductibles I could join their new direct care membership program and save several hundreds of dollars a year. I have everything you could ask for at the end of a email, text or personal phone call. Just call and you are on the way. Dr. Sonny Holbrook and Martha are always there and are the best. I doubt any of you have your Doc’s cell phone, I do. I sent Sonny a text while he was on vacation and he still cared enough to get back with me and took care of my needs.”

“My doctor and the staff at ProPartners take the time to make you feel welcome and thoroughly cared for. I felt like I could take the time needed to appropriately address my concerns on my first visit and never felt rushed. It is refreshing to feel like healthcare professionals are taking time to listen and be on your side. The discounts they are able to provide through their program make me have more faith in this system that I have not had in the past. Thank you!”

“ProPartners is a very unique, efficient and high-quality practice, allowing patients to receive exceptional health care in an extremely flexible environment. Health planning and desired results are much easier when your doctor actually cares, takes time and uses logical approaches to diagnosing, treating and following-up with patients.”

“No other health provider has ever given direct access to an actual doctor or has been able to respond within minutes. ProPartners can. One can schedule an appointment in less than 24 hours for the following day and will never have issues with doctors, health professionals or staff. You will only have positive experiences.”

“If you can find a different doctor with 20+ years of experience willing to meet with you with less than 12 hours-notice and that doctor does not charge an ER or urgent care fee, by all means, go with them…but we all know you can’t…except at ProPartners!”

“I’ve never been more impressed with the services provided by a medical provider. The personnel and quality of service are terrific.”

“I often recommend you and tell all my family and friends what a great practice you have. Everyone I have referred to you has had the same great experience as far as I know.”

“Nobody really likes going to the doctor. You make the whole experience as good as it can be. After hearing of my experience with you, several of my friends are now using you as their primary doctor.”

“I’ve always liked all of my doctors just fine anywhere I’ve been, but often the office experiences and courtesy by staff was not so good. Yours however has always been excellent. I think that\’s a big deal in making one feel more comfortable about dealing with medical needs. Please thank your staff for me.”