5 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Easier and Cheaper

A recent survey showed that 93% of consumers are motived to eat healthier at least some of the time, while 63% attempt to eat healthy most of the time. Most of us have the desire to eat wholesome foods, but getting into the habit can be a challenge – especially when you’re also trying to be conscious of your budget. 

However, if you keep in mind a few shopping and prep tips, buying and eating healthy can become second nature. You can ensure you and your family are getting the best possible nutrition while still keeping your grocery costs down. Let’s take a look at some go-to methods for simple, cheap and wholesome eating!

Plan Meals in Advance

Healthy eating starts with eating more meals at home.

It’s much harder to control the nutritional content of food that’s made by someone else and it is also more expensive than buying and prepping your own supplies. 

Set aside a little time each week to plan your meals and compile a comprehensive grocery list. If researching isn’t your favorite thing, you can find resources online to help you plan or download a pre-made meal plan.

Streamline your week by adding extra portions that you can set aside for lunches, or even take an afternoon to cook some of your meals in advance so you don’t have to worry about cooking after a long work day. However you choose to carry out your meal plan, it will end up being much cheaper and healthier than ordering takeout. 

Cut Out Empty Calories

Sugary drinks like soda and energy drinks are expensive and add unnecessary calories to your diet. You can trim your budget and your caloric intake every day just by cutting out these drinks. 

We all know water is the most important form of hydration, but it can be a little less than exciting. Try increasing your water intake by adding sugar-free flavoring drops to your water, or switch to unsweetened seltzers or iced teas. These drinks are more flavorful but still calorie- and sugar-free – and usually less expensive than soda and sugary drinks.

Buy Generic

While you never want to compromise on your favorite brands for some items, other grocery items (including healthy staples) can be purchased much more cheaply if you buy the generic version.

Pasta, rice, oats, canned goods, and most other pantry staples are always offered in generic brands to give shoppers some variety. These foods are just as high-quality as the name brands but significantly less expensive. On the items where brand doesn’t matter, always choose the store brand or another generic. You’d be surprised how the savings stack up.

Have Someone Do the Planning for You

If you simply don’t like meal planning and the associated prepwork, you may be worried that eating healthy just isn’t for you. Not true.

By now you’ve probably seen ads for HelloFresh and other meal prep companies that offer healthy meals (either prepped for you to cook, or pre-cooked for convenience) delivered to your doorstep. This cuts out all the planning and shopping so you can focus on enjoying healthy, delicious meals. It may cost a little more than doing your own meal planning, but the convenience of these kits is simply priceless. And you’re still spending way less than you would on dining out!

Discuss Your Nutritional Needs with Your Health Provider

Remember that everyone’s body is different, and therefore will have different nutritional needs. Before you change your diet in any drastic way, be sure to discuss it with your doctor. Your primary care physician will guide you and help you find the appropriate nutritional balance for your particular needs. 

Your doctor will also be able to recommend supplements should you need it, or an exercise regimen to help you stay on track. Whatever your nutrition goals are, your primary care physician can help you achieve them. 

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