ProPartners Healthcare Family Medicine

Affordable Direct Primary Care for Families

ProPartners Healthcare gives parents and their children direct access to their personal doctor, anytime, day or night, for a reasonable monthly fee and reduced rates for more advanced testing. Plus, our practice offers same-day and next-day appointments, so you’ll never have to wait long to see your family doctor. The next time someone in your household runs a fever or develops a cough, your family physician is just a text or call away.

Family Medicine Services Include:

At some locations for a heavily discounted fee:

The Direct Primary Care Model Explained

Our direct primary care (DPC) business model is membership-based, meaning families pay an affordable monthly fee for direct access to their family physician. As members, your entire family receives unlimited office visits, virtual visits, and direct care from your doctor with no office visit charges or co-pays. By getting all your primary care needs covered by an affordable monthly fee, this can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Our Enrollment Process Is Easy

To become a ProPartners Healthcare member, parents must fill out and submit the online enrollment form. After providing some basic information and payment details, your family will officially have membership status and gain immediate access to your selected family physician.

Need more information about family medicine or our practice? A great way to familiarize yourself with ProPartners Healthcare and our staff is by booking a meet-and-greet. During this 15-minute appointment, you will meet with one of our family doctors to get acquainted. They will walk you through the finer details of family medicine, the DPC model, and answer any questions you have.

Family Medicine FAQs

Q: How old does my child have to be to receive treatment?
A: We treat children at any age, from infants to teenagers and young adults.

Q: Would you replace my current pediatrician?
A: Yes. In the vast majority of cases, our family medicine physicians will take over your children’s primary care, and a pediatrician is no longer needed.

Q: How many family members can be on the same membership?
A: Our family membership plan is based on the household. We don’t limit how many children (17 and under) can be on the plan just so long as they reside at the same address.

Q: I have a big family. Do you offer a discount for that?
A: Our family membership plans are capped at $220 per family unit. This includes up to two parents and all children, age 17 and under. Children who are 18 and older may enroll as individual adult members at our low aged-based monthly fee.

Q: Does family membership replace my employer-provided health insurance plan?
A: No. Your family membership works in conjunction with your health insurance. Use your membership for your family’s primary care needs. Reserve your health insurance for emergencies and specialized care.

Have additional questions? Call (913) 364-9585 to speak with a member of our main office.