ProPartners Healthcare Direct Primary Care for Individuals

Convenient and Affordable Access to Your Physician

Our direct primary care (DPC) model affords us numerous advantages over the traditional volume-based model of healthcare. Not only are our physicians more accessible to patients, but they also provide higher quality care because they are afforded more time to thoroughly explore your medical issues and concerns.

The DPC model also allows patients to save on their individual health insurance plans. DPC doesn’t replace your insurance, but rather, supplements it in a way where you get the majority of your medical care through ProPartners while reserving your insurance for emergencies and major medical issues. As a member, you receive unlimited office visits, virtual visits, and direct care with no office visit charges or co-pays.

Direct Primary Care Individual Memberships

ProPartners Healthcare provides direct primary care for adults using a membership-based model. For an affordable monthly fee, individuals will have 24/7 direct access to their physician. This means your doctor is just a call, text, or email away whenever you need them.

Because our doctors limit the number of patients they take on, they can also offer same-day or next-day appointments. This ensures our physicians are never overextended and can focus on delivering superior primary care where patients feel heard and valued.

Direct Primary Care for Adults Includes:

At some locations for a heavily discounted fee:

Start Our Easy Enrollment Process

Become a member of ProPartners Healthcare today by completing our online enrollment form. After providing some basic information and payment details, you will gain membership access that covers all your direct primary care needs.

Still not sure about joining? Get acquainted with your primary care physician and our practice by scheduling a meet-and-greet. During this 15-minute appointment, one of our physicians will walk you through the finer points of direct primary care for individuals, the value our plans deliver, and answer any lingering questions you have.

Individual Direct Primary Care FAQs

Q: Do you replace my current medical providers?
A: ProPartners Healthcare provides comprehensive individual and family care services, meaning we can take over your preventative care, chronic condition management, and many non-emergency acute conditions. Your prescriptions can also be managed through your ProPartners physician.

Q: I have a preexisting condition. Does that impact anything?
A: No. Because this is not an individual health insurance plan, preexisting conditions don’t impact our pricing.

Q: Can I put my spouse or children on my plan?
A: Yes. Please refer to our family membership page for more information.

Q: How does ProPartners help me save on my individual health insurance plan provided by my employer?
A: We don’t charge office visit fees, co-pays, or deductibles. Plus, any diagnostic test or screening will either be charged at cost or significantly discounted. Overall, your health costs can be lower using our direct care model as compared to filing an insurance claim. Ideally, you can also save money on your insurance plan premiums when you choose a high deductible individual health insurance plan and reserve it for emergencies and major medical issues.