Virtual Doctor’s Visits and Telehealth Appointments

Access Same-Day Doctor’s Appointments Using Your Computer or Smartphone

Get care from your primary care physician without visiting one of our locations in person! Our members can connect with their doctor by text, phone, email, video chat, or message through our secure patient portal. You really can have a doctor who knows you and is available 24/7.

For patients, this means:

  • No more long waits to see a physician
  • No more settling for urgent care or low-quality providers
  • No more restrictions on how or when you contact your doctor

How Our Patients Benefit from Telehealth Services

As a ProPartners member, you gain access to unlimited virtual visits at no additional cost. Virtual doctor visits are a quick and convenient way to speak with your physician about medical issues that require a prompt response. They also come in handy for when you’re out of town, at work, or can’t make it to the doctor’s office for an in-person appointment.

Meet Your New On-Call Doctor Today

If you don’t have a doctor who is available when you need them or have been the recipient of subpar care, we would love to offer you a free “Meet the Doctor” visit at our office. During this short meet-and-greet, you will get acquainted with one of our physicians and our direct patient care (DPC) model. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any outstanding questions you may have about how telehealth works and our approach to virtual doctor’s visits.

Call (913) 451-5709 during regular office hours to arrange your meet-and-greet. You may also contact us by email using the contact form below.

Virtual Doctor’s Visit FAQs

Q: What is a virtual doctor’s visit?
A: A virtual doctor’s visit, also known as telehealth or telemedicine, is a way to consult with your primary care provider using digital platforms like video calls, phone calls, or chat applications, instead of in-person meetings. This convenient approach allows patients to receive medical advice, diagnoses, and sometimes even prescriptions from the comfort of their own home.

Q: How do I prepare for a virtual doctor’s visit?
A: To prepare for a virtual visit:

  • Confirm you have a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone (for video calls).
  • Find a quiet, private space for the duration of your appointment.
  • Have relevant medical information on hand, including a list of current medications, recent tests, and any symptoms you’re experiencing.
  • Write down any questions you want to ask your doctor.

Q: What medical issues can be addressed in a virtual doctor’s visit?
A: Virtual visits are suitable for a wide range of non-emergency medical issues such as follow-up appointments, medication management, minor acute conditions like colds or rashes, mental health concerns, and chronic disease management. More serious conditions requiring physical examination or immediate treatment are best handled in-person.

Q: Is my medical information secure during a virtual doctor’s visit?
A: ProPartners Healthcare uses secure, HIPAA-compliant platforms to protect your privacy and personal health information during virtual visits. If you opt to email your doctor, keep in mind that not all email platforms are secure.

Q: How long does a telehealth appointment last?
A: As long as they need to. The duration of a virtual visit will vary depending on the complexity of your medical issue, but they usually take 15 to 30 minutes.