Direct Primary Care Cost Comparison

The DPC Model Is Designed to Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs

Our direct primary care model doesn’t replace your healthcare insurance. Instead, the goal is to drastically reduce how much you spend while improving your access to primary care services.

How Direct Primary Care Costs Compare to Insurance

When evaluating healthcare options, cost is one of the biggest deciding factors for individuals and families. The challenge is that insurance companies have made determining costs exceptionally difficult for the typical American.

Health insurance costs include monthly premiums, co-pays, office visit charges, and deductibles. It’s not simple, and for many Americans, it’s barely affordable.

To help illustrate the financial benefits, the table below compares direct primary care costs to traditional health insurance costs.

Sample Coverages & Cost Comparison

*for a 45-year-old male

Traditional Health Insurance "Gold" Plan ** ProPartners Direct Care with "Bronze" Insurance Plan ***
Insurance Premiums (KS) $707 $413
Deductible/OOP Max $1,250 $6,900
Direct Care Membership $0 $70
Total Monthly Cost (KS) $707 $483
Annual Savings (KS) --- $2,688
Office Visits (PCP)
  • Copay
  • Same Day
  • Virtual Visits (phone)

  • $20
  • No
  • No

  • $0 (unlimited)
  • Yes (unlimited)
  • Yes (unlimited)
Direct Phone / email / text with Doctor No Yes (unlimited)
Office Visits (Specialist) $50 Copay $30 Copay (first 4 visits) then Deductible
Blood Work / X-Ray Deductible then 20% At Cost (10% of retail / 30% of insurance prices)
In-Office Diagnostic Tests Deductible then 20% $0
In-Office Surgeries Deductible then 20% $0
MRI / CT Scan Deductible then 20% MRI = $380
Urgent Care $65 Copay $0
Emergency Room $250 Copay Deductible
Hospitalization / Major Surgeries Deductible then 20% Deductible

* Example for illustration purposes
** Blue KC “Standard” Gold Plan (80/20 in-network)
*** Blue KC “Bronze First” Plan / Basic “Bronze Select” Plan

Get a Personalized Price Comparison

For personalized pricing comparisons for individuals of any age, married couples, and families, please call (913) 451-5709 or email

The Advantage of a Direct Primary Care Fee

What our members love about ProPartners Healthcare is how we simplify and reduce their medical expenses. Instead of getting nickel and dimed for every single medical service, the DPC model charges a flat affordable monthly direct primary care fee that includes most of your medical services.

ProPartners Healthcare can get diagnostic tests, blood work, and imaging at cost or at a discount, which ends up being far less expensive than running it through your insurance provider. With your healthcare needs met through your primary care doctor, you can transition to the most affordable health insurance plan through your employer and reserve it for emergencies and procedures that require specialized care.

Our direct primary care fee is determined by age. Family units are capped at $220 per month. In exchange, our members get 24/7 unlimited access to their primary care doctors and always have the option for a same-day or next-day appointment.