Medical Answers Now by Troy A. Burns, MD

Learn About the Benefits of Direct Primary Care and How it Promotes Long-Term Family Health

About the Author

Troy A. Burns, MD, is a practicing primary care physician and the founder and medical director of ProPartners Healthcare, Kansas City’s leading direct primary care medical practice. He is among the country’s leaders in direct primary care and advises senators and representatives on this revolutionary method to deliver healthcare efficiently and cost-effectively.

Imagine a World Where You Don’t Need to Wait to See Your Doctor

The healthcare landscape has changed, and not necessarily for the better. Patients seeking time with a physician have grown accustomed to:

  • Difficulty reaching the right person.
  • Excessive delays in appointment scheduling.
  • Rushed visits that accomplish very little.
    Billing and insurance discrepancies.

In today’s healthcare system, the typical wait time to see a physician is three weeks. How did it get this way? Why is it so difficult for patients to access their doctors when they need them? And is there a way to resolve these pain points?

Medical Answers Now is a book that fully explains the revolutionary new fix for primary care that is sweeping the nation: direct primary care (DPC).

Dr. Burns is a pioneer in health care reform, among the first to adopt the new DPC model that fixes many of the problems with our broken system. As a practicing primary care physician and serial entrepreneur with 35 years of experience on the front lines of patient care, Dr. Burns is uniquely qualified to evaluate the problems that plague the American healthcare system.

In his book, he discusses the benefits of direct primary care and how guaranteed access to your doctor can:

  • Keep individuals healthy using a preventative healthcare strategy.
  • Help manage chronic healthcare conditions.
  • Reduce patients’ risk of requiring emergency treatment.
  • Enhance the doctor-patient relationship by circumventing insurance companies.

Direct primary care is an affordable and highly efficient primary care delivery model that promises unrestricted access to your personal doctor, same-day appointments, and 24/7 remote access for a flat monthly fee. No deductibles. No copayments. No office visit charges. No insurance required.

Medical Answers Now Explains:

If you’re a patient who needs to establish a relationship with a doctor, Medical Answers Now goes into detail about how the direct primary care model is a viable long-term solution, regardless of the type of health insurance you have. The book also explains how to find a direct primary care provider near you.

If you’re an employer struggling to satisfy your workforce’s healthcare needs, the book also explains benefits of direct primary care on a corporate level. Most notably, the DPC model ensures workers can maintain optimal health while reducing medical costs.

Success Stories from Direct Primary Care Patients

“Direct Primary Care provides incredible value and service for an appropriate price. The direct care model is a great fit for anyone that’s looking for a concierge level of healthcare service without the hassle of interacting with insurance companies. Can you text your doc 24/7? Because I can!”

“Over the last several years I have been able to contact my doctor directly. Each time the response has been within minutes, and extremely helpful. When an appointment is needed, I have been able to see the doctor on the same day, every time.”

“For less than I paid in co-pays and deductibles I joined the new direct care membership program and saved several hundreds of dollars a year.”

“There is never a hassle to get an appointment or even just talk to the doctor on the phone. Appointments run on time and you get plenty of time to talk to your doctor about anything you have going on. This is the way medicine should be.”