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“What ProPartners is doing is a great blessing to a lot of people. Taking on our group and giving them health security is a big deal. It helps us build the kind of community we are striving for. It contributes substantially to our blessing of these families and to our employee retention.”
– Michael Mitchell, Founder & CEO

Restoration Apparel Company is a Kansas City-based manufacturer of custom dye sublimation clothing. They specialize in the fast delivery of team uniforms and jerseys. They also prioritize providing dignified work for local refugees and marginalized peoples. They provide ProPartners memberships as a fully-paid benefit to all of their employees and also all of the family members of their employees.

“ProPartners promises same day/next day doctor access. They follow through on that promise. Our employees and their families no longer wait for access to a doctor. If an employee can access medical care quickly, their health can improve quickly. Less missed time from work benefits everyone.”
– Todd Fitzpatrick, CFO

CS Carey is the largest manufacturer of local, wholesale mulch in the greater Kansas City area. Their healthcare costs are self-insured. In order to ensure that their employees have fast access to primary care, to reduce their time away from work and to decrease the volume and cost of healthcare claims, CS Carey enrolls and pays for all of their employees to have ProPartners memberships.

“I would recommend ProPartners to almost any business out there. ProPartners makes our employees’ lives easier and better. We also feel it helps us get and keep better employees.”
– Jeff Stehney, Founder & Owner

A household name in Kansas City, Joe’s KC and its founders, Jeff and Joy Stehney wanted to take care of their workforce and provide a premium health benefit. In additional to their health insurance plan, they encourage and subsidize memberships at ProPartners Healthcare for their employees. After the first year of participation, nearly 80% of their enrolled employees had utilized the services at ProPartners and 100% of these employees said they highly value the care they have received and will continue to use their doctor at ProPartners as the first stop for all of their healthcare needs.

“Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers world-class primary medical care that maximizes the healthcare model in ways you wouldn’t experience through traditional care.”
– Life-Church Benefits

Life.Church is a multi-state multiple location Christian church based in Edmond, Oklahoma that provides all of their staff and family members with full health insurance and Direct Primary Care memberships. In Kansas City, ProPartners Healthcare is honored to participate as an affiliate DPC practice to care for Life.Church staff and families. Life.Church is an example of a large, self-insured company with a wide geographic footprint that benefits from the ability of ProPartners and the DPC community nationally to work together to offer networks of DPC physicians from coast to coast.

“The access is just unparalleled. You can access healthcare faster and I believe better than you can when using traditional health insurance. It’s almost immediate. It’s amazing how quickly ProPartners can act and react.”
– J.R. Hopkins, Senior VP of Human Resources

National Beef Packing Company, based in Kansas City, has been a client of ProPartners Healthcare since 2001. They are the 4th largest beef processor in the US, are fully self-insured for healthcare costs and enroll all of their management team and executives as ProPartners members with additional executive member benefits. Over the years, National Beef has expanded the services that ProPartners provides to the company and has increased the number of management employees who participate with ProPartners.

“Working with ProPartners has saved my employees money. They know that when they go to ProPartners, there’s no cost. So when they pick their insurance plan, they can go with a cheaper, high deductible plan. I recommend ProPartners to other businesses as an incentive at hiring and also for employee retention. I believe ProPartners offers an excellent product, excellent service and fast access that heads off a lot of unnecessary bills.”
– Tim Peterson, Owner

Pettersson Pet / Go Pet Go is a local Kansas City pet store with four area locations. As a small business with less than 50 full-time employees, they have chosen to provide fully-paid memberships to ProPartners Healthcare for all of their employees as their sole healthcare benefit. Small businesses, like Go Pet Go, find that offering ProPartners memberships guarantees their employees the healthcare services that they need most often at a price that is far more affordable to the company than a major medical insurance plan.