ProPartners Executive Direct Primary Care Memberships

Advanced Primary Care Memberships That Provide 24/7 Access to Your Physician

ProPartners Healthcare’s all-inclusive direct primary care membership provides round-the-clock access to your personal physician 365 days a year. Your doctor is never more than a call or text away, and you’ll always have the option to book same-day and next-day appointments, either virtually or in person.

Our advanced primary care memberships for executives operate on the DPC model, meaning that all direct primary care services are covered under a pre-paid annual fee. This includes unlimited office and virtual visits, discounted lab work and ancillary services, and comprehensive annual assessments.

Executive Membership Services Include:

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You will receive a call from our staff, an email confirmation, welcome letter, and Member’s Guide within one business day. You may terminate your automatically-renewing executive direct primary care membership at the conclusion of each membership year as long as 30 days written notice is provided.

All-Inclusive Executive Health Membership Pricing

Our all-inclusive executive memberships provide additional enhanced services and pre-paid ancillary services tailored for busy executives. The $2,400 membership fee is pre-paid annually and is non-refundable. For questions about our advanced primary care memberships, contact our office by clicking the button below.

Discounted Family Memberships for Executive Members

Family memberships are available with an executive membership and may include members, their spouse, and all children. Spouses will be added as an additional executive member at $2,400 per year. All dependent children 17 years of age or younger may be included as basic memberships for an annual fee of $1,000.

Please call (913) 451-4776 or email with questions.